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Hope Restart Centre will operate in association with Odyssey House Victoria to deliver world-class treatment of addiction to alcohol and other drugs to our clients.
When fully operational, the Hope Restart Centre will provide for 112 residential rehabilitation clients for treatment of alcohol and drug addiction and assistance for families in Gippsland.
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We take a holistic approach to the need for this service in Gippsland.  

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There are five principal reasons why this Centre is essential:

  • There has been a marked increase in substance abuse across Gippsland over the last five years.

  • There is limited access to residential rehabilitation in Gippsland to meet this need.

  • We aim to work with existing effective pre- and post- residential care services in providing local solutions.
  • To maximise successful rehabilitation, clients will have access to skills training to complement re-entry into the community and workforce.
  • To minimise stress to carers and families we will establish clear pathways and training.
The Journey

A United Approach to Substance Abuse Health Care

This Centre will integrate the acclaimed success of Odyssey House Victoria with the existing professional health services of the Gippsland Region offering a united pathway to clients and their carers


We invite you to view footage of the Hope Restart Centre’s progress. The video is able to better demonstrate the size of the Centre and its proximity to the surrounding land. Well done and thank you to all of those people who have driven, supported and championed this project. Enjoy!

Hope Restart Centre build progress

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Our Founding Video

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Welcome to Odyssey House Victoria

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