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How secure will the facility be? 2017-06-25T07:42:31+00:00

There are no barbed wire fences because residents don’t want to “escape”, they just want to be rid of their illness. In 10 years of operation of a similar facility in Lower Plenty, Odyssey has recorded one altercation requiring police attendance which was not drug related, and 6 ambulance attendances which were from sporting injuries.

Is there an economic benefit for the region? 2017-06-27T03:25:09+00:00

Apart from the jobs associated with construction, the Health and Education sector is the largest employer in our region. Initially, 32 new direct professional jobs will be created by Odyssey growing to 50+ after 1 year. In addition, Federation Training and Gippsland Lakes Community Health will add staff in their programs, and expect other existing services to expand. For every $1 of wages, a minimum of $5 of economic activity is added in the region according to the ABS.

Why is there a need for this facility? 2017-06-25T07:41:24+00:00

Residential rehabilitation is the most successful form of treatment for substance abuse. In 2015 alone, statistics in Gippsland show that of the over 4000 addicts who sought treatment under one or more of the funded existing service providers only a handful could access a residential facility. Also, this facility will serve to integrate and complement existing non-residential professional services.

How successful do you expect the facility to be? 2017-06-27T03:24:25+00:00

Some residents may require multiple attempts such is the strength of their addiction, but in the long term we expect around 40% are successfully rehabilitated and returned to the community and society as worthwhile contributing citizens.

How long will residents stay at the facility? 2017-06-27T03:23:41+00:00

Each resident goes through a proven individual assessment of their needs and a program to rehabilitation over 4 levels of treatment carefully mapped out by Odyssey. A resident may stay for 3 months to up to 3 years determined by a client’s individually designed Odyssey program. “Graduates” will have access to accommodation, training and post residential backup services.

Will the facility attract drug dealers? 2017-06-25T07:40:13+00:00

Most definitely not. The residents will not still be consuming their drug of addiction so drug dealers will not have a ready market.

Are you bringing drug addicts to walk the streets? 2017-06-25T07:39:43+00:00

Certainly not, because they will not be taking drugs while in residence. Accepted residents are voluntary who want to be free of their particular addiction, and will have already been through a professional detoxification program to arrive at the first level of long term rehabilitation.

What about current professional services? 2017-06-25T07:39:20+00:00

We have been liaising with a wide range of existing professional service providers and we have strong indications that they will work in an integrated manner with the operators.

Who will operate the facility? 2018-02-02T01:18:55+00:00

The residential component will be operated by Odyssey House Victoria, Federation Training the skills training of residents and carers, a range of integrated service providers will provide health, employment and community needs.

Who are the proponents, and what is the context, of this project? 2017-06-25T07:38:32+00:00

A Board of Management comprising local people proposes to establish a 112 bed residential substance abuse treatment facility for Gippsland, 5 minutes east of Bairnsdale.