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The Need Identified

  • Whole of Gippsland Community need for a local regional substance abuse rehabilitation centre to complete the jigsaw of existing professional services
  • Urgency
    • The lack of availability of residential rehabilitation venues and integrated services at State and National levels
    • The growing statistics in substance abuse
  • Supporting data
    • Evidence of the need has been derived from hospitals, police, and medical and community service providers, and personal testimony
    • Odyssey House Victoria and Health Professionals are supporting this country location to complement existing services to complete the solution pathway
  • There is limited access to residential rehabilitation facilities east of Melbourne

Our Approach to the Need

  • An initial local five person interim board sought and received a great deal of local and far reaching support from many sources
  • A permanent board was appointed in September 2016
  • A not-for-profit incorporated association is registered with the Australian Charities and Non-Profit Commission
  • Public meetings have been held and received in a very positive manner
  • Partnerships have been negotiated with:
    • Odyssey House Victoria for the management of the rehabilitation component of the centre
    • Supporting health professionals to provide assistance and oversight during and post-rehabilitation
  • Negotiations are advanced with Federation University and Federation Training for the management of the ancillary education/skills component of the centre
  • Richard Rijs, founding Managing Director of Patties Foods Ltd, appointed as Patron and Board member of the organisation of the organisation
  • An in-principle agreement has been reached in relation to the long term lease of a substantial block of land
  • Evidence this approach will produce a positive outcome comes from the confidence, support, and acceptance of our invitation to manage the rehabilitation component by Odyssey House Victoria, and assistance of Supporting Health Professionals and Federation University, and strong local support